Is your business struggling? Do you work too much and have no time for yourself or your family? Are you not getting the expected results from your business investment?
Do you struggle with standing out in your market? Are you tired of following the techniques your brokerage teaches without any consistent results? Do you feel overwhelmed and tied to your phone without the payoff? Do you need help to get organized and consistent? Have you had good months that gave you hope that you'd found the "special sauce" but then business fell off again? 

Are you done trying to do this all on your own and just need a step-by-step, simple, straightforward strategy with the support to encourage and guide you?

If so... you've come to the right place.

The truth behind the success The Mashore Blueprint has been able to create for hundreds of agents lies in the simple, cutting edge Mashore Blueprint formula:
As you can see, support and accountability are the multiplier of results. This is HUGE. If we just do the math you can see that 
(1000+1000)x0 = 0... 
Even if you have the BEST PLAN (marketing & tech) possible you still won't see results. Why? Because it will not last without accountability. This is why so many agents are on the vicious cycle of feast or famine year after year.

Krista Mashore Coaching and The Mashore Blueprint can give you the BEST PLAN, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY to get the results you are looking for.

If you're curious, make sure you reserve your spot and apply now.

We only have so many spots available in order to maintain a high level of support for every single client. It's the best way to ensure that our program delivers at the level our clients expect, but it also means we have to limit the number of clients we work with at any given time. 

There is nothing in the world that could be a better investment than the one in yourself. 

Click the button below and tell us a bit about yourself to apply now.

After you apply, we'll set up a 60 minute call with one of our Client Success Coaches to discuss your unique goals and the challenges you're facing to see if it's a good fit.

Click the button below to apply. It only takes 30 seconds...
No More Trial & Error. Unlock REAL Strategy, Business Processes and Momentum To Finally Create The Results You Haven't Been Able To Get On Your Own...

Another part most agents don't realize is there are levels to accountably. This image better illustrates what that looks like...
Accountability that includes both EXPERT & COMMUNITY is the BEST form of Accountability. This is the critical component of results for people who have already followed other programs and plans, but for some reason struggle to get the long term results and changes in their businesses.

The Mashore Blueprint is an expert guided, community experience where you get hands on training and support directly from Krista and her team of experts. Additionally, you will get the encouragement from our mastermind community so you can finally multiply your results and have the business you always wanted.

Over the course of the program, we will support you as you move through: 
How Does It Work?
Working with this program is unlike anything you've ever experienced before...

Your brokerage cares about your success...

But they can't offer the cutting edge digital and offline marketing strategy, tech training, high level guidance, support and accountability that Krista and our expert coaches can give you to accelerate your success.

If you can't seem to do it yourself or you're feeling overwhelmed and near burnout...

The Mashore Blueprint enters your life for one reason:

To Increase Your Progress & Results In Business.

Just think about the proven success people have when they tap into the power of professional training & coaching:

Even the greatest of athletes have had training; people like Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Maria Sharapova and Peyton Manning. It is hard to be great on your own...

Famous celebrities and actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman and Natalie Portman have used coaches to get to the next level. They needed help from an expert in what they were doing.

Even world renowned business owners of our time like JK Rowling, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington overcame insurmountable obstacles by working with a coach invested in their success: whether they call it a mentor or coach, they got help too.

So if you're tired of the downward spiral of feast or famine and you need help staying ahead of the pack and motivated, it's time to have a professional guide you through a proven process to reach your goals and potential.
If you've been trying to figure it out on your own but are not getting traction, it's NOT YOUR FAULT. Outdated techniques don't give you the leverage or visibility new technology can. YOU NEED to learn the strategies our experts can teach you. It's time to try something different.

You need more than just "a few more leads" or "to get more organized". You need a professional business strategy to help you with your business goals. Someone to show you when to take what steps and to hold you accountable.

It's time to start treating your business like a business. You know that a coach and proven digital strategy is the only answer. You just need to learn which tools to use and how to use them the right way so you can get into a schedule and routine that is easy to follow.

Lots of brokerages offer coaching support but the methods are obsolete. Even some so-called real estate coaching companies teach methods that make you wonder what decade you're in. Why spend time studying the techniques of an average agent? Why learn strategies that are no longer relevant in today's digital age? Even most top producers today aren't utilizing digital strategy in the most effective ways possible... how can you expect to get ahead that way?

So here's the BIG QUESTION:
When it comes to you having the quality of life you desire... Why follow strategies that no longer work, including trial and error to reach your goals, which deprive you of your precious time, energy and money?

It could be so much easier!

You only have ONE life to live and time isn't slowing down...

When you're sick you get help from an expert doctor. When your car breaks down you go to an expert mechanic. When you send your kids to school you send them to the best school you can... so why should your business be any different?

You deserve to reach your business goals! You owe it to yourself to make your goals and dreams a priority - because it will change your entire life. You should feel successful at the end of everyday. You should be able to take your family on vacation and send them to the best schools. You should be able to afford the house you dream about... pay off your debt... do everything you've ever wanted to do! It's time. 

You don't have to do this on your own anymore.
Will You Be Our Next Success Story?
"This has been life changing for my business... Five stars all the way" - Shannon C.

"It's relevant, today, right now. It's so important to do this together" - Brandi A.

"Changed my life, changed my business, changed my marketing..." - Eric D.

"I went against 4 other realtors and I got the listing!" - Brandy S.

"I've been able to build an enormous amount of realtor relationships" - Tracy S.

"The system is designed for someone who wants to make changes and who wants to be different..." - PJ Z.

"I stay on target, and on focus, and keep a positive mindset" - Lisa G.

"It's skyrocketed my business and made me a happier person while doing it" - Alisha C.

"It's relevant to what's happening to today's market... It's good for anybody." - Danielle T.

"I'm actually recognizable to people!" - Casey S.

"I have the free time with my family and to give back" 
- Tiffany S.

We Can Only Take On A Limited Number Of Clients
So if you're curious, make sure to reserve your spot and apply now.

We are committed to ensuring high level support & results. To achieve this, we limit the number of clients we work with at any given time.

There is nothing in this world that could be a better investment than the one in your business.

Click the button below and tell us a bit about yourself to apply now.

After you apply, if you meet our criteria, you'll be invited to schedule a Client Success Interview where one of our expert coaches will discuss your unique goals and challenges to see if our program is a good fit.

Click the button below to apply. It only takes a few moments...
  •  Will this program work in my area? 
We have agents using our system in almost every state in the US. Buyers markets, sellers markets, cities, suburbs, and rural areas - it doesn't matter. Everyone and their grandmothers are on Facebook and we'll show you how to be seen by them at the right time. If you follow every step in our process, you'll create dramatic changes in your business.
  • There are SO many coaches and programs out there. What makes yours different?
Krista is a practicing agent and has been in the top 1% of realtors nationwide for the last 18 years. Most coaching programs out there are led by non-agents or former agents no longer practicing (therefore no longer testing their strategies in our ever-changing industry). Krista tests and proves every strategy before sharing it with clients. As our client, you only get the best of the best!
  •  I'm just starting out. Should I wait until I've gotten some business before starting the program?
There is no better time to start than yesterday! Getting the right training and strategies from the start cuts the learning curve time dramatically and ensures quick results.
  • I'm really busy. How much time will this take?
Expect to set aside 4 hours per week to work on the course and implement the trainings.
  • What is the cost of the program?
What's the cost of you staying where you are right now? Change requires an investment of money, time and energy. Staying where you are right now has a much greater cost - such as the loss of wasted money, time and energy spent on trial and error, frustration, confusion and overwhelm.  
  • I just moved to a new area and don't know anyone. Will this help to establish myself?
YES! We'll teach you how to quickly become known, liked and trusted without relying on referrals, through the use of digital marketing. You'll become more well known in your new community than you ever were in your old one! 
  • I'm really nervous about using video and being on camera! Do I have to do video?
Video is a integral part of what we teach. But don't worry! Our video challenges, trainings, tips and tricks will enable you to practice and get more and more confident on camera before you begin delivering your videos to the masses.
  • If you're so successful, why are you coaching instead of just doing real estate?
Great question! After 16 years at the top of the industry I wanted more purpose in my life. I was an educator before becoming an agent, but left teaching to join the industry with the (at-the-time) mistaken perception that I'd have more time to be home with my daughters. Teaching and watching people learn and become successful with my support is my passion, so now I spend my time blending those passions: real estate sales & education.
  • Do I need to have a team to work the program?
NO! You don't need a team to start working the strategies. However, as you begin to grow we recommend that you bring on an assistant and as you continue to grow, add in supporting roles to get more off your plate. Upon enrollment, many agents don't have a team or an assistant.
  • I'm getting my license soon, can I join now so I can get ahead?
Our clients must have a license and brokerage within 30 days of joining our program so they can implement the training as quickly as possible and utilize the support in the program. 
  • My partner and I are a team, can we both do the program?
YES! We have many teams of agents who use our program. Teams of 2 agents can get access to the program for the cost of one person. If you have a team of 3 agents or more, please email for more information.
  • Do I need to hire an assistant or tech person to use the strategies taught?
It's completely up to you. We encourage agents to offload tasks they aren't great at or don't enjoy so they can focus more on the tasks they do enjoy, but it's not required to put the program into action.
  • I'm TERRIBLE with computers and technology. Can I be successful with this program?
Yes. You determine how successful you want to be! All of our processes are broken into step-by-step, easy to implement trainings designed for any learning style. You'll also have weekly 1-on-1 tech calls to work with a coach and problem solve any challenges you may face along the way.
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