You’re A Real Estate Agent In A
Brand New CITY
“What Would You Do From Day 1 To Day 30 To Get 3 Clients in 30 Days”
From The Desk Of: Krista Mashore
Subject: 30 Days To Land 3 Deals

Dear Friend,
Have you ever wondered what the top producing agents do differently to get so many clients and close so many deals?
Have you ever wondered if success is a matter of being in the right place at the right time?
You see those top performing agents online all the time - they're the experts in their market… top 1% producers… they make the business look easy.

Do you ever find yourself looking at what they're doing and wonder...
What are these top agents doing different? How are they doing it? 
Will I ever have that kind of success?
My name is Krista Mashore, I’m a nationally recognized top 1% agent and CEO of Krista Mashore Coaching...

I am also one of "those agents” who dominates my market year after year - I close more deals than than anyone in my area. I even wrote a book about it called Sell 100+ Homes A Year.

After personally selling over 2000 homes in my career, I know that success is not a matter of luck... it's a matter of ACTION.
I have taught my success blueprint to 1000s of agents around the nation and when these agents implement it into their businesses... The results speak for themselves.

Check out some of the testimonials below to see what I mean....
But not everyone does the work and so not everyone changes their lives.
And that, drives me crazy…

Because I know that success is a matter of putting action behind a really good plan.

If you hand a developer a blueprint, they know what to do and they go to work. Weeks later, there's a house where before there was just dirt. 
So what if YOU had a blueprint to dominate your area?
Better yet... what if you had a collection of top producing blueprints from top agents around the nation? 

So I reached out to over 2,500 top agents in the nation and asked…
What exactly are you doing to be a top agent in your market?

If you moved to a new city and had to start from scratch - other than your vast real estate experience, you’re back to square one...

What would you do, from day 1 to day 30, to get yourself back to the top?
I Wanted To Know EXACTLY What The Top Producers Would Do.
The responses were incredible! 
No clients, no listings, no deals and no reputation to rely on … 
Here were the EXACT ACTIONS they would take in a step by step process!
These were not quick emails they sent back to me, but detailed blueprints of
What They Did or Would Do If They Needed to Start Over From Scratch!
Now mind you, I have read my fair share of crappy ebooks as well as other amazing marketing books, but NEVER have I EVER seen money making blueprints like these!

I made sure that none of the plans required spending large sums money in some form or another, using special programs well beyond the reach of the average person, or having to “know” certain people.

As amazing as it might sound, the blueprints were almost flawless

I knew with absolute certainty, that if anyone followed these plans to a T, they were almost GUARANTEED to succeed.
Failure Was Virtually
But… this was ONLY the beginning

After reading over a dozen of them, the blueprints left me TOTALLY CONVINCED that success in real estate is not a matter of luck… it’s a matter of execution. That ANYONE, could become the next Top Agent by implementing the marketing strategies found in these 30 Day Blueprints. 
Every Real Estate Agent
Needs These 30 Day Blueprints.
And what’s even better is that EVERYONE OF THEM Agreed To Come On A Video Interview And PERSONALLY Walk You Through
Their 30 Day Blueprint!!!
So, WHO were the Top Agents who were crazy enough to agree to give you their successful strategies … for FREE!?!
Let Me Introduce You to Your Dream Team: 
Sarah Leonard
Chicago Suburbs, IL
Rebecca Bundy
Southern Utah
Melissa Patton
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Max & Kolleen Gygi
Twin Cities Minnesota 
& Western Wisconsin
Mary Ellen Troilo
Melbourne, Florida
Mariah Kalhor
Kim Ritter
Charleston, South Carolina
Kim Briese
Farmington, Missouri
Kelli Wellhausen
Vacaville, California
Kelley Norton
Phoenix, Arizona
Susan & Kasey Prince
Metro Atlanta, Georgia
Joanna Jimenez
Miami, Florida
Jeff Lyons
Valparaiso, Indiana
Jay Berube
Bonita Springs, Florida
Erica Wolfe
Jupiter, Florida
Ellen Pool
Greater Houston Area, Texas
Christine Taylor
Northern Illinois
Chelsea Cummings
Pensacola, Florida
Alisha Collins
Casper, Wyoming
Ashley Lazosky
Las Vegas, Nevada
Jamie Flanagan
Omaha-Metro, Nebraska
Denise Andres
Bozeman Montana
Give Me And My Panel of Real Estate Experts 30 Days…
And We’ll Radically Catapult You To Become A Top Producing Agent!
So,  What's the catch?!
I Want To MAKE SURE You Watch AND Implement Each of These 30 Day Plans…
So, I’m Giving You A Short, 72 Hour Pass Where You Can Watch Them ALL for FREE!
Then They Are Gone.
Yes, that means you have to BLOCK OUT that time…

Immerse yourself in the blueprints…

Take notes…

And then build YOUR OWN 30 day execution plan from what you learned…

Yes - that's my catch: to make sure you actually watch, learn and implement from the gift that these 23 agents are giving you.
Here is a Small Sample Of What You’ll 
Learn In These 30 Days Marketing Plans…
… You’ll get 23 complete blueprints for catapulting your business - in just 30 days!

… You’ll learn the fastest and most thorough methods to list homes, find buyers and close deals… (If you want to become a top agent, pay very close attention to this!)

… You’ll see the different social media & digital marketing strategies that help the top agents position themselves as experts in their market.

… You’ll discover referral and partnership opportunities available in almost every geographic area in the nation and learn the best techniques to garner new leads and build your brand visibility.

… You’ll determine your “unique selling position” and walk through exercises to help you set a strong foundation for your business, brand identity and establishing your market!

… You’ll create an arsenal of videos, (don’t worry, we’ll give you interesting topics to cover) to promote across your social media platforms and other entities to find new clients in your market.

… You’ll get insider intel on leveraging your time and systemizing your real estate business so that you can focus on income producing activities ONLY!

… You’ll establish a method for finding “hot neighborhoods” and ways to market them to your new audiences.

... You’ll learn that consistency is KEY! Consistency in daily rituals, consistency in social media outreach and most importantly consistency in following your blueprint to become your market’s expert agent.
...And That’s Just From A Few Of Our 
Agents' Interviews & Plans!
So that’s it!

Nothing to buy.
Just a commitment that YOU need to make.

• A commitment to register…
• A commitment to show up…
• And a commitment to implement...
I can give you the key, but you need to open the door. 

So here's the key - now turn it and step in.

Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the inside of the members area!
-Krista Mashore
P.S. - If you’re here looking for a quick recap… here it is.

When you register (for free), you’ll get access to expertly curated blueprints of “30 Day Plans”, the execution plans of 23 of The Top Agents in the nation on what they’d do, day-by-day, if they lost all business contacts and had to start over from zero, in order to get 3 clients in 30 days. And when you register, I’m also going to do a special presentation to show you the patterns, shortcuts and strategies you need.

Is it ok if we over deliver? :)

All you’ve got to do is register now.
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